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1938 Columbia Ave
Rossland, BC, V0G 1Y0


Chocolate ~ Ice Cream ~ Pastry

Rossland, BC

At the Mountain Nugget we pride ourself in creating all of our products on-site, and in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality.  

Our chocolate selection includes hand-rolled truffles, artisan bars, and confections.  

Our ice cream in made in-house using organic milk, cream, and cane sugar, with no added preservatives or stabilizers.

Our pastries and pies are reminiscent of my childhood growing up on the farm.  We source are ingredients locally - as close to home as possible and according to the season.

Classic Blue Ribbon Apple Pie


Listed below are pastries that need to be pre-ordered.  We have a revolving selection of delectables that are available, in store, through-out the day;  from florentine bars to chocolate brownies to almond linzer cookies.  If you ever want to know exactly what we have, please don't hesitate to contact us at (t) 250.362.3338 or (e)

Classic Blue Ribbon Apple Pie


Classic Blue Ribbon Apple Pie


Our classic blue ribbon apple pie is available in two sizes:  market tart($6.00) and 9 inch glass pie plate($20.00).  


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Our classic blue ribbon apple pie is available in two sizes:  market tart and 9 inch glass pie plate.  We use locally sourced apples from British Columbia, an elegant amount of spice and caramelized sugar.  Our pastry is not merely the vessel that holds the filling.  I guarantee not a crumb of crust will be left behind. 

To ensure absolute freshness, each pie is made to order, therefore we require you to pre-order the 9 inch sized pie at least one day in advance. 

We make market sizes pies, in a variety of flavours, on a daily basis, of which are available until the last one is sold.  Please let us know if you would like us to set aside a pie for you today.

When ordering your pie online, please fill out all the fields in the form provided. You will be contacted soon after your order is placed to confirm the details.  Its it more convenient to place your pie order over the phone, please don't hesitate to contact us at 250.362.3338

**We do not ship pies, that would be messy!  All pies must be picked up at our Rossland location.  xo